Quick Update

April 6, 2017

We've started a reading group over on The Web of Witches. This Saturday between 9pm and 10pm EST we're going to discuss chapter three of The Golden Bough. We'll be livestreaming on FB and chatting on Discord.

We've also started a Discord server. It's a place where we can chat in real-time using text or voice. We're really excited for the new level of interaction and connection it could bring to the group.


Housekeeping: New URL & Imbolc Treat

February 2, 2017

Quick (6 minutes) update about changes with the website and how you can get an Imbolc treat.



17: Personal Canon

January 31, 2017
Personal canon is that collection of stories, images, and sounds that inform your imaginary life. We talk about our personal canons and think about the ways the idea of personal canon can enrich our lives.
Essa also talks about her trepidation to do group magic so soon after last year's Midsummer ritual.
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You might have noticed that thewitchesview.com url no longer works. We're working on getting a solution set up. in the meantime come join the Web of Witches group on facebook to stay up to date on what we're doing!

16: 2016 Closing Ritual

December 19, 2016

Heat up a mug of mulled wine and join us as we look back on what we’ve learned since our last Closing Ritual. At the beginning of 2016 we asked for powers, and 12 months later we have some insights into them. We review the Tarot spread from last year’s ritual, and we pull cards for 2017.

We look at 2016 a little closer, pulling out lessons in preparation for the New Year.

Special thanks to Jamie and Elena for calling our voicemail and letting us know what powers they are going to ask for.


15: Halloween 2016

October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween everyone! This episode we discuss our childhood experiences of Halloween, Spooky November, and being followed by strangers.

Special thanks to our Patron Producers: Jamie Taylor and Jennifer Newman

14: Tarot Retrospective

September 5, 2016

In this episode we’re joined by Emy Jaymes, former co-host of The Witches View to do a tarot retrospective of our lives since 2012.

Things We Love

Time by Onuka

Emy’s Tea Time playlist

Actualized.org on YouTube

We’d like to give a warm welcome to our newest supporter Arrow Claire, and special thanks to our patron producers: Jamie Taylor and Jennifer Newman!

Check out the post on our website for the tarot associations used in this episode.


13: Midsummer Ritual 2016

July 30, 2016

Trey and Essa share their Midsummer ritual and some immediate effects.


7 Witchy Questions Tag from EmberHoneyRaven

July 11, 2016

Here's the audio from our most recent YouTube video to tide you over until the next episode of The Witches View! We responded to the 7 Witchy Questions Tag on YouTube started by EmberHoneyRaven.

If you'd like even more content from The Witches View, head over to our Patreon page and support at $5 or above. You'll gain instant access to episodes of our Book of Echoes and Ways to Witch.

We just released the newest episode of Ways to Witch! We discussed the technique, history, and life lessons of circle casting.

12: Mars Lemonade

June 9, 2016

Hello-hello! We’re back with a discussion of the recent 5 planet retrograde! That is literally insane. We focus on Mars’ retrograde path through Sagittarius into Scorpio and its manifestation in Essa’s locomotive woes.

We also talk about the influence of Taurus, the bullheadedness it sometimes takes to get things done. Trey shares a spontaneous Taurus visualization he did to break through a self imposed barrier.

We wrap up our discussion by sharing a few of our initial thoughts on Beyonce’s Lemonade.

We end the show with an experimental divinatory reading of Essa’s Discover Weekly playlist By Spotify.

You can find the full text of that divination here.

Thank you to our new patrons Sarah and Jamie!

We referenced this Spirit Science article when talking about the influence of the planets.

This episode features clips from Beyonce’s visual albumLemonade and Mean Girls, one of the greatest movies ever made.

This episode features a ton of great music from Kevin Macleod aka Incompetech and the Free Music Archive, resources for people seeking royalty free music to use in their creative projects.
Marty’s Got a Plan
The Chamber
Serpentine Trek
Hidden Agenda
This show also contains:
Atmospheres 4 by Zeb Wulff
Readers Do You Read? by Chris Zabriskie
Pass the Dutch (Plastics Anthem) by Missy Elliot

Our theme song is Wunderful Eyes by Pale Veil.

Special thanks to our Patron Producer Jamie.


Bonus: Book of Echoes 1: Finding The Grove

May 10, 2016

This poetic meditation is the first installment of our Book of Echoes.

Thank you to Zeb Wulff for allowing us to repurpose his composition  Atmospheres which is featured at the end of the track.

Finding the Grove

I wandered in the forest; the sun was low.

The whole of nature was basking in his glow,

which poured in torrents, bright and sparkling,

to kiss the forest just prior to parting,

and it was clear that his affections were returned.

I wandered bare of foot upon the floor,

no thistle, thorn, or thing to tear here born

With each soft step, the earth did bless me

The scent of herbs arose to greet me

Gliding in a fog of  her sweet aromas.

I wandered wide of eye, my senses high.

A rustling in the leaves just to my right!

I caught a glimpse as a fox went darting

through hills and hollows I followed this cunning creature,

running so fast that it blurred the earth’s features

‘til I paused

and realized I was lost.

I wandered in the forest; the sun was gone.

Looming trees above me like a throng─

the heavens scattered, patched and sparkling

like islands in a thick black sea of nothing─

branches scrawling letters, symbols, and icons.

I spot a light off in the distance.

Beams stream through trees like beacons.

A lighthouse calling from the shore

A place with a foundation a core

A place to build a temporary home

With the simpleness of forward motion

As if carried by a current of the ocean

I’m drawn toward a temporary home.

Now I’ve appeared at the edge of a clearing

with a grove in the center all the leaves luminescent.

One tree in the center that towers the others,

and the hum of its magic calling me closer.

At the threshold a voice arrives on the wind.

“This place is yours, and it always has been.”