12: Mars Lemonade

June 9, 2016

Hello-hello! We’re back with a discussion of the recent 5 planet retrograde! That is literally insane. We focus on Mars’ retrograde path through Sagittarius into Scorpio and its manifestation in Essa’s locomotive woes.

We also talk about the influence of Taurus, the bullheadedness it sometimes takes to get things done. Trey shares a spontaneous Taurus visualization he did to break through a self imposed barrier.

We wrap up our discussion by sharing a few of our initial thoughts on Beyonce’s Lemonade.

We end the show with an experimental divinatory reading of Essa’s Discover Weekly playlist By Spotify.

You can find the full text of that divination here.

Thank you to our new patrons Sarah and Jamie!

We referenced this Spirit Science article when talking about the influence of the planets.

This episode features clips from Beyonce’s visual albumLemonade and Mean Girls, one of the greatest movies ever made.

This episode features a ton of great music from Kevin Macleod aka Incompetech and the Free Music Archive, resources for people seeking royalty free music to use in their creative projects.
Marty’s Got a Plan
The Chamber
Serpentine Trek
Hidden Agenda
This show also contains:
Atmospheres 4 by Zeb Wulff
Readers Do You Read? by Chris Zabriskie
Pass the Dutch (Plastics Anthem) by Missy Elliot

Our theme song is Wunderful Eyes by Pale Veil.

Special thanks to our Patron Producer Jamie.


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