6: Magical Cleaning with Cory Hutcheson

November 25, 2015

Corey Hutcheson of New World Witchery joins Essa and Trey for a discussion of cleaning magic and domestic folklore. Floor wash, broom lore & mousy familiars, Oh my! There may or may not have been a mention of Treys "Witches Teat", and we learn about some exciting things that Cory & Lane have in the works for their show (or should we say ... shows?!) A new segment is premiered as Essa and Trey share some things that they are into and excited about right now and lovingly retire their beloved microphone "Snowbie."  Unfortunately the sound quality on the this episode on the part of Essa and Trey is pretty sub-par, as Essa puts it, they sound like they are in "The bottom of a tuna can." Fear not though, dear Podlings, Cory was such an amazing guest that the show had to go on.... in spite of Snowbie's failing faculties.

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And Check out Corys new book 54 Devils!  you can get it on Amazon here!  (54 devils)

This week in What we Love
Essa talked about Mind Valley Academy
And Trey shared and old-but-still-excellent site Sacred-texts.com

The Witches View theme song is Called "Wunderful Eyes" Performed by Pale Veil


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