11: Flying Solo

May 4, 2016
We're excited to finally announce the launch of The Witches View Patreon page!
In this episode we discuss our experience with the henbane flying ointment from Sarah Anne Lawless.
We feature a clip from the following video: Jimson Weed Dangers
We discuss weird dreams and it gets very NSFW as we discuss the esoteric implications of...well.. the image of "his quivering member".
Aries and Mars permeate our conversation displaying some of their more subtle sides.
Essa shares some of the experiences from her past relationships, and relates those experiences to her journey as a witch.
This episode features a ton of great music from Kevin Macleod aka Incompetech, a free resource for people seeking royalty free music to use in their creative projects.
Songs by Kevin Macleod/Incompetech:
Marty's Got a Plan
The Chamber
Serpentine Trek
Hidden Agenda
I Knew A Guy
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


YouTube Pagan Challenge: Discovering Your Path

March 28, 2016

**Text provided courtesy of Mr. Scottish Robot who really didn't have to go out of his way to do this.**

This is our first YouTube Pagan Challenge video! Week one's question is, How did you discover your path?

10: Magickal Twerking

March 19, 2016

This episode we talk about:

- Getting back on your grind after getting knocked out cold by the flu.
- Teaching Trey's sister to do baneful magick, and how she's totally psychic
- Making Snowbie horcruxes!
- The Power of Execution: Kill all the things!
Things we like this episode:
- Trey likes the pagan/occult podcasts Betwixt and Between and Rune Soup.
- Essa is totally jamming to The Way We Touch by We Are Twin.
Check out Poseidon by Pale Veil with the help of Zeb Wulff


As always you can find us online at thewitchesview.com

Email us at witchesview@gmail.com

9: The Witches Woo

February 20, 2016

The Aquarian energy is strong this episode as we go completely off track of our original divination topic and explore our recent woo-woo fascinations.

Watch David Wilcock for hours at Gaia.com
Listen to Vanesa Lamorte sing in her language of light or help you find you spirit guides.
Check out the reiki courses by Lisa Powers on Udemy.
This episode features:
Wunderfull Eyes by Pale Veil
In Time by Talos

8: 2015 Closing Ritual

January 17, 2016

Join Essa and Trey for a 2015 Closing Ritual. We'll discuss the lessons we learned last year and create a candle of focus imbued with Brigid's Flame to light our path in 2016.

The Leoni Dawson Biz and Life Workbook was instrumental in the creation of our ritual. 
Things We Love: 
This episode features the song Russian Lullaby by Labana
Our theme song is Wunderfull Eyes by Pale Veil

7: Music and Magick with SJ Tucker

December 22, 2015

Remarkable musician and magician SJ Tucker joins The Witches View for a discussion of music and magick. Also tune in as many listeners call to share their favorite music to get magical to!  We loved the suggestions so much that we created a playlist so that we can listen and discover together! This is the final recording made with Snowbie, so please forgive the occasional sound glitches and lookout tumblr... here comes The Witches View

Want more?

 The playlist for this episode can be found here

You can find and purchase all of SJ's music at music.sjtucker.com

Check out the awesome video for her song Little Bird!

Interested in hearing the strange instruments that SJ mentioned? Check out the Serpent and the Ophicleide!

Are you interested in reading the book that inspired SJ's song  "Ask Me Anything"?

Check out the Fairyland series!

The Witches view theme song is called "Wunderful Eyes" by
Pale Veil


6: Magical Cleaning with Cory Hutcheson

November 25, 2015

Corey Hutcheson of New World Witchery joins Essa and Trey for a discussion of cleaning magic and domestic folklore. Floor wash, broom lore & mousy familiars, Oh my! There may or may not have been a mention of Treys "Witches Teat", and we learn about some exciting things that Cory & Lane have in the works for their show (or should we say ... shows?!) A new segment is premiered as Essa and Trey share some things that they are into and excited about right now and lovingly retire their beloved microphone "Snowbie."  Unfortunately the sound quality on the this episode on the part of Essa and Trey is pretty sub-par, as Essa puts it, they sound like they are in "The bottom of a tuna can." Fear not though, dear Podlings, Cory was such an amazing guest that the show had to go on.... in spite of Snowbie's failing faculties.

Isn't Cory fantastic? Want more?
Find the New World Witchery podcast at newworldwitchery.com
Already love the podcast and ready to support it? Head over to their Patreon Page!
And Check out Corys new book 54 Devils!  you can get it on Amazon here!  (54 devils)

This week in What we Love
Essa talked about Mind Valley Academy
And Trey shared and old-but-still-excellent site Sacred-texts.com

The Witches View theme song is Called "Wunderful Eyes" Performed by Pale Veil


Impromptu Michael’s Magic

November 22, 2015

Essa and Trey pull off powerful holiday shopping magic without spending a dime.


5: Pagan Identity

November 11, 2015

The one where we try to explore pagan identity, laugh obnoxiously, and Trey ends up oversharing.


4: New Orleans PPD Adventure

October 29, 2015

We recently visited New Orleans Pagan Pride Day. Tune in and hear about our adventure!