7: Music and Magick with SJ Tucker

December 22, 2015

Remarkable musician and magician SJ Tucker joins The Witches View for a discussion of music and magick. Also tune in as many listeners call to share their favorite music to get magical to!  We loved the suggestions so much that we created a playlist so that we can listen and discover together! This is the final recording made with Snowbie, so please forgive the occasional sound glitches and lookout tumblr... here comes The Witches View

Want more?

 The playlist for this episode can be found here

You can find and purchase all of SJ's music at music.sjtucker.com

Check out the awesome video for her song Little Bird!

Interested in hearing the strange instruments that SJ mentioned? Check out the Serpent and the Ophicleide!

Are you interested in reading the book that inspired SJ's song  "Ask Me Anything"?

Check out the Fairyland series!

The Witches view theme song is called "Wunderful Eyes" by
Pale Veil


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